Rock Top

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100MM Rocktop Leak Prevention Waste

Rock Top's 100mm Floor waste comprises a 3 Part PVC Base and will accept any of the Grate top options below.

Height Settings (Flange to top of Grate): Min. 17mm, Max 65mm

PVC Tops

Code                        Description
RTHW1                   100x100 White PVC RockTop
RTHC1                     100x100 Chrome PVC RockTop


Metal Tops Round

Code                        Description
RTHCB1                   100x100 Chrome/Brass RockTop
RTHPB1                   100x100 Pol. Brass RockTop
RTHGB1                  100X100 Gold/Brass RockTop


Metal Tops Square

Code Description
SQACB1                   100x100 Chrome/Brass Sq. RockTop
SQAPB1                   100x100 Pol. Brass Sq. RockTop
SQAGB1                  100X100 Gold/Brass Sq. RockTop







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