Rock Top

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Installation Guide

How to install a RockTop Floor Waste.


1. Rebate the floor to suit the puddle flange so the top of the flange sits flush with the floor.

2. Check fit, then glue the flange into the Waste Pipe.

3. Lay the waterproof membrane over the flange and into the centre recess.


4. Place the Membrane Clamp over the wet waterproof membrane and clip onto the flange.

5. Complete the waterproofing


6. The height riser slides in place through the centre of the membrane clamp at variable

7. Insert the Grate Top into the Riser.

8. Lay tile bed / prepare height setting for laying the floor.

9. Lay tiles

10. Remove Proctecting Cap


Note:  The Protecting cap will prevent construction waste entering the waste pipe whilst making sure the Grate Top is undamaged. Remove after tiling using pliers.

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