Rock Top

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The Rocktop Floor Waste

Designed and manufactured Australia, the Rock Top Floor Waste has proven over many years to be Leakproof, versatile, and easy to use.   

With the exception of 40mm Rock Top, all models incorporate our patented Leak Prevention flanges and feature:

  • Textured puddle flange   -  To aid membrane adhesion
  • Membrane Clamp   -  To permanently secure the waterproofing membrane to the puddle flange
  • Height Riser   -  To adjust the height of the grate to suit tile bed thickness
  • Drainage Slot’s  -  To ensure drainage of the tile bed
  • Pivoting Grate Tops  -  To overcome leaning waste pipes
  • Interchangeable Grate Tops  -  To suit individual preferences    
  • Protecting Caps  -  To protect the grate top from damage and prevent construction waste entering the waste pipe

* Denotes innovations first introduced by Rock Top

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