Rock Top

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Metal Round

Available in Chrome plated brass, Gold plated brass and Polished brass with Leak Prevention flanges to suit 50, 80 & 100mm  PVC pipes.

Polished Brass

RTPB 40mm$28.00
RTAPB 50mm$28.00
RTHPB8 80mm$30.50
RTHPB1 100mm$36.00


RTGB 40mm$85.00
RTAGB 50mm$87.00
RTHGB8 80mm$90.00
RTHGB1 100mm$100.00


RTCB 40mm$28.00
RTACB 50mm$28.00
RTHCB8 80mm$30.50
RTHCB1 100mm$36.00
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